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Konrad Smolenski

'WATCH IT!' 2004/08 by Konrad Smolenski.

''WATCH IT!'' 2004/08

''DRUM KIT'' 2009


Konrad Smolenski
born 8.12.1977 in Kalisz
1998-2002 studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan, Poland - photography
diploma in Intermedia in prof. Izabella Gustowska studio
Since 2002 works at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan as an assistant in the Audio Sphere studio at the Intermedia Departament and as a Junior Lecturer teaching Foundations of Video and Photography
Member of bands: MAMA, SIXA, KOT, KRISTEN.
Since 2003 coordinates so called PINK PUNK scene
participant in actions of Stado Prusa artistic group (1999-2002)
Cofounder of START gallery.
Member of PENERSTWO art group.
Exhibited and performed at many festivals in Poland and abroad

Scholarship of Ministry of Culture 2000
Inner Spaces award (Maria Dokowicz's Contest)
Scholarship of City of Poznan

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