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Estelle Hanania

Black Chalk / Sang Bleu.
CHAPTER I - collaboration with Christophe Brunnquell. 2008

Photographer Estelle Hanania is a lyrical storyteller, weaving tender and sometimes perplexing plots into her fashion photo series. Her fashion stories develop beyond the confines of a studio or location shoot by integrating still life and landscape images, creating visual rhythm and narrative complexity. The Paris-based photographer has a background in graphic design, art direction and fine art. She graduated  in 2006 from the Ecole Nationale Sup√©rieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and, in the same year, won the ‘best photographer’ prize at the highly prestigious Hyeres Festival in Southern France.
Her photography has been exhibited in several galleries in France and her work, both commissioned and personal, has appeared in magazines including Another, Modern Painters, 032c and Capricious.

Black Chalk / Sang Bleu.
CHAPTER I - collaboration with Christophe Brunnquell. 2008

Demoniac Babble, 2007.

Hanania regularly collaborates with artists to create unique sets, backdrops and accessories for shoots, which lend an air of delicate curiosity to her work. Her personal projects, which feed directly into fashion commissions, result from explorations into costume, folklore and pagan tradition.
The series Demoniac Babble saw Hanania documenting an archaic festival, obscure to a tiny Swiss village, where villagers in remarkable handmade costumes roam the landscape. Pagan emblems invested with symbolism and still life elements loaded with meaning and memory bring a unique narrative to Hanania’s fashion stories: here the garments are one of a number of powerful storytelling devices in an unfolding drama. She often explores ideas about alchemy and magic that have become associated with modern photography – subverting our common conception that a photographic image can, with the use of digital manipulation, portray the impossible.
But the wonders in Hanania’s poetic and technically nimble images are achieved without any digital trickery or retouching at all. She approaches her photography from a cultural standpoint, is interested in costume and the body’ relationship to garments and contextualises fashion among other art forms: qualities that immediately mark Estelle Hanania out as a sensitive and commanding photographer.

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