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Kris Emmerson

Kris Emmerson was born in London in 1965. Lived and worked there.

Kris Emmerson was born on the first of January 1965. After leaving school he studied photography at Brunel University, and then spent several years travelling around Europe, North Africa, Asia, South-East Asia and Australia, finally living in a small village in the Indian Himalayas. He has worked as a freelance photographer, darkroom technician, paste-up artist and graphic designer, and is currently employed as a technician on the Fine Art degree course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, where he is also studying. Over the last few years Kris has been exhibiting work in the Galleria d'Art Zero in Barcelona, Spain, and last year participated in the '1st International Salon of Contemporary Artists' in Lisbon, Portugal.

''My work focuses on the ambiguity of meaning and 'essence' in the observed world: the discrepancy between subjective experience and the concept of an objective reality. It places the viewer at the centre of this inquiry, with the aim of deconstructing rationalistic beliefs and the human desire to classify and compartmentalize the perceived world. I am fascinated by the mechanical and the technological and the assertions of scientists that these manifestations of rational thought provide absolute truths and so increase our 'knowledge' of the universe. I feel that the idea of knowledge is questionable.''

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