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Barbara Nitke

Barbara Nitke is a New York City artist dedicated to opening the eyes of the world to the beauty of all forms of love, sex and passion through her photography.

Her documentation of sexuality began in 1982 on the sets of pornographic movies, where she worked for twelve years as a set photographer. Her haunting photographs from this period reveal the combination of boredom, surrealism, vulnerability and dissociation inherent in the X-rated world. During that time she also became active as a photographer on mainstream television and movie sets, which she continues today.

“My goal was to capture not just the deep intimacy and trust between lovers, but also the intense energy and passion of SM practices,” says Nitke. “Everyone I've photographed has taught me something new about the nature of sexual desire, humanity, and the fact that no matter how we're wired to express love, freedom is having the courage to be who we are.”

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