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Small Victories

Paulius Ka

“Small Victories” A Booooooom Project by Jeff Hamada.
Small Victories is a photographic celebration of the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us.
It is these little moments that make life worth living.

Chrissy Abbott

Kyle Scully

Jake Wolf

Daniele Vickers

Tanja Tiziana

Erin Nicole Johnson

Jody Rogac

Tatum Shaw

Tim Burkhart

Irene Cecile

James W. Brooks

Nina Ahn

Joshua Monaghan

Suzie Zak

Olli Vainamo

Sophie Curtis

Jeff Hamada

From the exibition at Above Second.

101 photos by 101 different photographers.
All the rest at booooooom!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting photos

kristine said...

very inspiring...!! thank you.