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Kevin Hunt

Garden Furniture by  Kevin Hunt.
The Garden Furniture project came about through an interest in making sculpture that uses both permanent and ephemeral materials, altering a static piece of furniture by covering it in living, growing grass, the work therefore changed over time, altering itself.

Kevin Hunt makes sculpture using found, redundant objects, particularly furniture which is reconfigured into something new. The objects used are often rendered functionless by the act of beautification or their function is shifted in some way, eradicating any original purpose whilst exposing an inherent aesthetic that has always lay within. By irreversibly altering these things and simultaneously raising their status, the work attempts to question what it is to be an object in the world and how these objects come to exist as sculpture.

The act of making, although premeditated, regularly turns out to be more casual, allowing for serendipitous and chance happenings. The resultant sculpture hovers in abeyance, ready to break, morph or somehow change further, often having no definite end point by existing as brittle, precarious, visually unstable or inherently flawed structures that in some way have the ability to continue to evolve after they have been realised, something which is an enduring concern within his practice.

'Dumb Objects' installation view at Wolstenholme Projects, June 2009

Kevin is an artist, curator and director of The Royal Standard, an artist led gallery, project space and social workspace in Liverpool.


kristine said...

super inspiring!

Garden Furniture said...

Its something unique and new I have ever seen.. I am impressed with it.. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it..