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Tommy Støckel

Tommy Støckel born 1972, Copenhagen, is an artist that actually live and work in Berlin. He has realized many stunning installation.

From Here to Then and Back Again, 2008, Kunstverein Langenhagen, Langenhagen

Broken Pillar (for Berlin), 2007, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

The Danish artist Tommy Støckel is fascinated by objects that pretend to be something else than they really are. He uses the simplest materials such as printed paper, Styrofoam or imitations from construction supply firms for his highly sophisticated geometrical sculptures. He meticulously shapes multi-part architectonic Sculptures out of these materials. He generates the graphic models of the form and placement of the parts with the help of a computer program. Traces of natural transitoriness are not recognizable in his sculptures, but visible solely as imitations. His works cannot be clearly defined in terms of time and style due to their model-like character. Tommy Støckel has designed a new, twenty meter long sitespecific work for the Kunstverein Langenhagen. Tommy Støckel studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.


Fabrik Project \ Kunstverein Langenhagen

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