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Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos born in 1971 in Paris. Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.

Joana Vasconcelos caught the attention of the international art world in 2005 at the Venice Biennale. Her sculptural work is that which often marries highly intelligent concepts with playful execution.
Her work will be immediately recognisable to some of you for the volume and dexterity of crochet work. However she makes important sculptural pieces which pull upon a great range of influences, materials and disciplines. Her output is prolific, having it’s roots in sculpture it has grown in scale and detail, range and focus. From outdoor installations to video, ceramic, fabric, and hair, from feminism, identity, globalisation to alcoholism, themes of intellect and kitsch.
Vasconcelos’ work repeatedly plays upon the tension between the large scale of peices and the small initmate details of their technical execution.
The materials and techniques used are employed to cleverly communicate subversion and strength, having great impact from afar then pulling you in closer.


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