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Pim Palsgraaf

In the speed of the daily impulsions of life develops Pim Palsgraaf his creative urge.
His ‘Multiscape’ sculptures are city scenes literally carried by preserved dead animals or other objects found along the side of the road. With this subject matter, Pim Palsgraaf shows us contradictions between culture and nature. The urban city is seen to overtake nature. One gets the feeling that urbanism is a process which grows like a tumor.


The studio of Pim Palsgraaf (1979) is located in the industrial section of Rotterdam.
His love-hate relationship to this environment is fundamental for his art work.
In the “Multiscape” sculptures he shows the outgrowths of urban architecture.
Comparable to tumours of urban growing he drapes found objects on taxidermy animals to symbolize the contrary of culture and nature.
The city seems to overcome the animal and to bring it to its knees. His paintings reveals us the clandestine interior of cities. Deserted rooms, damp corridors and ceilings in danger to collapse at any time show his weakness for urban decline, for the natural environment of men slowly sinking into oblivion.

Pim Palsgraaf \ MKGalerie


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