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Marc Swanson

Untitled (Four Black Elk), 2010

Marc Swanson works in diverse media, including sculpture, drawing, collage, photography, video, and installation. Given this diversity, the artist employs a surprisingly refined range of materials, relying on a concentrated vocabulary of wood, glass, textile, naturally shed animal antlers, and precious metals. He often juxtaposes “high” and “low” materials in the same work: rhinestones, gold and silver chain, and black mirrored panels meet lumberyard two-by-fours and white cotton t-shirts coated in latex. In these juxtapositions, the former adorns the latter in a way that is transformative for both.

Untitled (Black Ram), 2009
Untitled (Black Buck, Full Sneak), 2007
Untitled (Crystal Ram), 2009
Untitled (Looking Back Buck), 2004
Untitled (Trophy Room Head), 2008

Untitled (Black Fighting Bucks), 2009

Untitled (Antler Pile), 2010
Killing Moon II, 2005

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