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Jens Reinert

Tunnel, 2008.

The work of the German educated graphic designer Jens Reinert offers some new perspectives on our architectural surroundings. Instead of complete buildings Reinert models their fragments or visualises the volumes of subterranean spaces – it seems he builds “negatives” of architecture we ususally only perceive from the inside.

Tunnel, 2008.

Underpass, 2003.

colourful balconies, 2007.

From the acquired insight that reality does not need to be reinvented and that it, in itself, supplies prototypal images, Jens Reinert arms himself with a camera on his strolls through the urban landscape. Remarkably enough the resulting photos do not capture striking and forceful scenes, but preferably average places familiar to everyone, such as a filling station, an office, a city department or an interior, i.e., public and private localities that seem interchangeable and that stick in our memory as clich├ęs. Because Reinert in his way catches classic and genuinely existing exponents, heproduces optically memorable images of our everyday reality. But, in fact, they no longer ensure the absolute exposition of a prototype, but show the discontinuity that has opened up between what is real and our perception of it, between the sporadic and the typical. It is almost given that an artist who exposes himself to this kind of bridge between reality and its diverse forms of reception must proceed in an interdisciplinary way. Since the depictions are based on different levels that comunicate with each other, they forment a dispute on which artistic methods stick closest to reality´s heels, whether it is photoraphy, scale models, the Photography of the model or even the conversion of the photographed subject into painting ...

Renate Puvogel 2003

Jens Reinert \ Premio Celeste \ Daily Tonic \ Flickr


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