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Janie Belcourt

Holy Strong 2010, a collection of contemporary tables and seats made from reclaimed skateboards, by Janie Belcourt.

Janie Belcourt designs and builds High-end urban furniture. After university and professional experience in the communication field, she returns to university (UQAM) and completes a bachelor degree in Visual & Media Arts. It is during her last year there that she embarks on her journey of creating her liveable sculptures. In 2010, she launches Ho!y Strong, her business banner Under which she presents her collection of contemporary and hip looking standing-bars, tables and seats.

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davidikus said...

The concept is fun. The items themselves are nice. I wonder how practical they would turn out to be, though!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I want one :( so cool.

Anonymous said...

It´s so fun and strange.

Love designs!