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Maddalena Di Gregorio


Maddalena Di Gregorio, Canadian of Italian descent, was raised in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.
Maddalena ’s artistic research has led her to experiment with different mediums producing works that range from photography, to sculpture and multimedia installations. Using traditional techniques, new technology, experimenting with new shapes and materials.




Maddalena Di Gregorio arrived in Italy from Canada in 2001, at which point she devoted herself to still life photography. In 2006 with the opening of a new art studio in Milan she resumed her activities in sculpture and began experimenting with glass fusion.
She has since produced a collection of glass and ceramic pieces, where the female figure plays a prominent role, where form and substance interact with dynamism, provocation, intimacy and irreverence. Fine works of art loaded with erotic symbolism which goes beyond mere physicality.


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If you liked the pictures then check out the video !