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Sabine Delafon

The work of Sabine Delafon is recognizable since many years in the themes of identity, time and spirituality for which she uses various media such as photography, video, sculpture and performance.

Ex, Sabine Delafon, 1987-2010, 600 photobooths 

"Ex", 1987-2010 is a photographic video made from the 600 passport sized photographs of the artist made since 1987 until now.

I’m looking for myself.

Alléluia (Hallelujah), 2008

Breathing (Attenti) 2010

"Breathing" 2010, is a work from the series "Be Careful!" which began in 2000. 
It consists in glass sculptures that represent often Life, in it's human and most absolute sense of the word.
Sabine Delafon 

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