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Richard Shilling

Richard Shilling is a sculptor, photographer and film maker working in the field of Land Art.

Land Art involves making sculptures using only natural materials gathered near to where the sculpture is made. Many of them are ephemeral and will last only a few short minutes before the wind or the tide takes it away. Soon after nothing remains and Richard attempts to capture the most vital and vibrant moment of each sculpture in a photograph.

He makes his sculptures in beautiful and wild natural places across the North of England. Particularly in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but he has also created sculptures in Scotland and the Himalaya. He uses snow, leaves, wood and stone and anything else that mother nature can provide.

You can see more of his work and read all about what he gets up to on the photo sharing site Flickr on his blog

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Greg said...

Suspiciously close to the works of Andy Goldsworthy. But not nearly as refined.

Angelo said...

I agree!

sam said...

Yes. I'm with Greg. Only that not only are they 'suspiciously close,' but especially the first and sixth are dead ringers for what Goldsworthy has done. I'm not even a fan of Goldworthy and this makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

Im sure Mr Goldsworthy would be flattered that someone loves his work enough to make an effort. Even though some of the work is similar, there is also a lot that is his own work. I admire anyone who gets out there and does any type of art, instead of staying at home and being critical to others!

Thom said...

i feel that the comments are being to harsh, yes the work is similar. but its pretty easy to distinct the two.
keep in mind that they both are "land artist" they both pretty much do the same thing, but they just do it differently

Greg said...

Of course Goldsworthy doesn't hold sole rights to land art. And looking at Shillings blog, he certainly incorporates far more graphic and desiged elements in his work. Especially his standing leave sculptures are very unique.
The selection of images might just lead to this sort of confusion. Especially without the mention of similarities to Goldsworthy. I'd prefer to see a selection of art pieces, which make an artist unique compared to others.

Angelo said...

I found this link which contains all the works of Goldsworthy:

There are beautiful works created by large boulders
and probably there aren't great similarities with Shilling's works... only some.

Unknown said...

There a definitely similarities between the ways these two British Land Based Artists use natural objects to create art.

We should make a law forbidding any artist from using the techniques, style, or inspiration of another artist.

The world would surely be better off if de Goya didn't rip off Manet's Olympia...I mean if Manet didn't rip off Titan's Venus of Urbino...I mean if Titan didn't rip off Giorgioine's Sleeping Venus. It just makes my blood BOIL to see such blatant copies.

Some people call Raymond Carver a genius. Hell, he just wrote using Ernest Hemingway's style and put his name on it.

And don't even get me started on Beethoven copying Mozart. Or I.M. Pei being "strongly influenced" by Miles van der Rohe.