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Mario Philippona

Dutch sculptor Mario Philippona developed a series called "Sexy Furniture", which mimics female forms in challenging wood. These shapes, he writes in a statement on his website, are "the most attractive in nature," and have inspired him. He designs his works on life-size working drawings and assembles his sculptures from pre-cut layers of wood, so that they're anatomically correct. He sees perfectionism, he writes on his site, "in the way women use fashion, high heels, fitness, and plastic surgery to portray themselves," and cites artists Allen Jones and Salvador Dali as inspiration. His works are finished with natural oil and wax and handcrafted from regional timber, the colors and textures of which he uses to emphasize his forms.

Mario Philippona

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sam said...

I have to say, this work is offensive in more ways than one. And not "pushing the boundary through art" offensive - just "mediocre chauvinist" offensive. I am sad to see it get attention at a blog that otherwise shows such great work.