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Uschio Shinohara

Small Box painting, 2008

Ushio Shinohara (1932, Tokyo) is a very popular and important Japanese artist. In the 1960s he was a co-founder of Japan's Neo-Dada-Movement. Shinohara caused a stir for among other things his "Boxing Painting", a sensational mixture of sport and art. In 1969 with a grant from the J.D.Rockefeller III Foundation, Shinohara came to New York where he continues to live today. For his work he employs a variety of motifs including from the world of American comics and superheroes, Japanese icons and Greek mythology. Adhering to the motto "speed, beauty and rhythm", with a primordial chaos of colors and eruptive structures, he creates images and sculptures that are full of energy, imagination and humor.

"Boxing Painting"

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