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Aleksandra Rdest

Pocket Storms and Other Mylars, 2009

Aleksandra Rdest uses a language drawn from weather patterns; inspired by sound waves, clouds, particles and cells on a microscopic level. The point of departure for these works is growth and decay; cellular division and multiplication, weather patterns biological colonization. Rdest’s love affair with colour gives rise to these paintings which are created by richly layering veils of paint to form a deep surface.

Through painting Rdest is reaching for the sublime; the tragedy of yearning, the mockery of the unattainable just beyond her grasp. This mingles with the caricature of the gesture; it enters with a flourish, sashays into the picture plane only to be overtaken by growth.

As the viewer relaxes their vision the hidden nature emerges, the nature that is collecting in the corners, multiplying until it is no longer hidden. Within this space cells begin to organize. Do they build cities or do they build cell walls? In the space Rdest creates these forces are interchangeable, organic and synthetic are synonymous. Rdest is exploring a place where nothing has been untouched by humans; where.

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Unknown said...

Love this work.