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Gino Rubert

“La oculista”

Gino Rubert was born in 1969 in Mexico, he studied fine arts at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Granted by Spanish government he worked during a year 93-94 at the Spanish academy in Rome.

“Lectura de verano”

Collage from “True blues” series.

“El beso robado”


"Lezhava 2"


“Legs mind”

“Garden scene”

“Game Over”

Gino Rubert lives in Barcelona where he is represented by galeria Senda. He is also represented by other galleries such as Claire Oliver gallery In New York, Mizuama gallery in Tokyo, or Artrepco gallery in Zurich.

He has taught painting and contemporary art at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, at Montevideo’s Centro Cultural de España, and now does so at the Art and design schools Massana and Eina.

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