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Jason Stillman

Jason Stillman was born in New York in 1972 and grew up in AZ. From a very early age, Jason showed a proclivity and a talent for art. Throughout his formative years Jason’s interest in art continued to grow and, while in high school, he began an apprenticeship with a well-known local Jeweler. After graduating and while working as a Jeweler, he soon discovered a passion for sculpture and began producing artwork for local collectors, businesses, and exhibition. During this time, Jason was awarded an art scholarship and attended Arizona State University. At ASU Jason pursued broad interests in both art and science, undertaking works and studies in a wide range of mediums and disciplines. Upon completing his studies, Jason received degrees in Studio Art and Mechanical Engineering.

Jason is currently a full time Artist living in Mesa AZ. He divides his time between painting and sculpting for gallery exhibition, private commissions and public art projects. Jason is currently represented by Wilde Meyer Gallery in AZ and Metro Orange Art in NY.

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