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Anish Kapoor

Born: 12 March 1954, Bombay, India
Anish Kapoor studied at Hornsey College of Art, London from 1973 to 1977 and at Chelsea School of Art, London from 1977 to 1978। He went on to teach at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in 1979 and in 1982 was Artist in Residence at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Both painter and sculptor, he uses illusionist properties of colour to give sensuality and ambiguity to his sculptures. He works matter, light, space, using contrasts such as empty-full, male-female, concave-convex, inside-outside, material-immaterial, visible-invisible...This planned ambivalence gives his works, every time more monumental, a quality of mystery and infinity.

Found at Royal Academy

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