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Lorenzo Nanni

Lorenzo Nanni is a textile artist living and working in Paris. His handmade fiber sculptures are inspired by organic matter and living forms. He reinterprets images of botany and anatomy through traditional embroidery and haute couture techniques, using natural materials and minerals. His work combines traditional knowledge with high quality contemporary art, design, and a modern, personal universe. Creatures and hybrid plants, skins, organs, landscapes, and symbols are transformed into a visceral and fantastic universe. The sculptures are scientifically pinned in glass displays or suspended under glass globes like the anatomical ecorchés or entomological trophies.

SYLVATICA TORTUOSA shot by Lorenzo Nanni 

VITALLIS – 27,5 x 60 cm – 2005 

Couleuvre shot by Bérénice V. 

Fragments - 2001 

Exibition at AKA Gallery

HAEMORRHAGIA – 39 x 50 cm – 2005
MURIDAE – 39 x 26 cm – 2010
FEMORIS – 16 x 80 cm – 2002 

SARRACENIAS I – 53 x 43 cm – 2009

ASTEROSCHEMA – 60 x 43 cm – 2010
On top of his work as a textile designer, Nanni brings his creations to life through photography, animated films, and cinematographic work. He gladly embarks in joint ventures with other artists to widen his creative universe and confront it to that of others. His latest project “Naiade“, an animated short which he co-directed, has gathered him various awards in festivals around the world.

Lorenzo Nanni \ Make-Space

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