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Charming Baker

Let Us Richochet Off All The Alternatives That Destiny Has To Offer, 2010
BB Gun Press presents the work of Charming Baker

Charming Baker is interviewed about why he chooses to shoot his paintings.
Directed by Tareq Kubaisi

A Mother's Milk Nourishes Heroes As Well As Murderers, 2008

Love Is Never Needing Any Help If You Are Intent On Staying Ignorant, 2010

The Overachievers, 2010

Love Is Never Putting All Your Eggs In One Bastard, 2010

My Weakness Is Invariably Stronger Than I Am

The Things I Crush Become The Rungs On Which I Ascend, 2010

Oh What Will Become Of The Mess We Have Made?, 2010

The Throbbing Realisation That The Future Looks An Impossible Place To Be, 2010

Charming Baker
BB Gun Press

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