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Barry Le Va

Cleaved Wall, 1969-70
Before New York artist Barry Le Va, born 1941 in Long Beach, Cal­ifor­nia, turned to art, he spent the early 1960s studying maths and archi­tec­ture.
His works are the result of a pro­cess of dis­tribut­ing, spilling, scat­ter­ing, blow­ing, lay­er­ing, dropping, throw­ing or crush­ing—using common mate­r­i­als like woo­den slats, ball bear­ings, pie­ces of felt, aluminium bars, vis­cous oil, flour, pow­dered chalk, cast con­crete and neo­prene rub­ber.

Mirror I and Mirror II, 2009.

Cleaved Floor, Four Paths, 2009.

Continuous and Related Activities; Discontinued by the Act of Dropping, 1967

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