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Michelle Knowles

Michelle Knowles is a contemporary visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia. A strong interest in global religious traditions, the esoteric, occult and the psychology of religions culminates in a ritualistic arts practice whereby making provides for meaning. Michelle’s work transforms the mundane into the magical through a ritual-like process of spontaneous making. Michelle engages with a broad range of visual media - both digital and physical and her work explores dichotomies such as the strange and the familiar, nature and artifice, and the mundane and the magical. Through a process of transforming banal primary materials into totemic and talismanic objects much of her work speaks of the uncanny and the otherworldly. Video and photography are used as methods of activating these objects, and her most recent works involve the use of these objects in shamanic-like, ritualistic performances.

More at Michelle Knowles Blog and Flickr.

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