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Elisabeth Arkhipoff

No Soda: No Fun (2001).
Mixed media installation and paint, dimension variable.

"No Helmet", "Who's driving my bus?", "Tattoos: should I get one?", "Why do I get blamed?", "Parents:who are they?", "No Time For Family!", "School's Out:Now What?"… In a cream coloured space, some wild inscriptions are running on the furnitures of an archetypal parent's leaving-room, revealing the pre-teenage worries and questionings of the one who has engrave them.
Through multimedia installations (music, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video), Elisabeth Arkhipoff dedicates herself to describe the functioning of groups in search of individuality and recognition.
Her field of research is the difficulty theses groups (New Ages, hippies, teenagers, rockers, Pop fans, fashion addicts, artists and self-managed Collectives) face from a socio-cultural context where personal discovery is often conditioned by professional success and social prestige, and Arkhipoff's work suggest a complex and exploded re-reading of our search for individuation.

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