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Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

Social Mobility (Staircase) (2005)
Michael Elmgreen (Denmark) & Ingar Dragset (Norway).
Live and work in Berlin, Germany.

It's the Small Things in Life That Really Matter, Blah, Blah, Blah (2006)
Uncollected (Baggage reclaim) (2005)
Go Go Go (Pole) (2005)

Powerless Structures, Fig. 122 (Two doors) (2000)
Powerless Structures, Fig. 123 (Two door handles) (2000)
Powerless Structures, Fig. 129 (Corner door) (2000)
Powerless Structures, Fig. 133 (Tripledoor) (2002)

Boy Scout (2008)

More at Nicolai Wallner Gallery and White Hot Magazine


somaya said...

your blog has helped me so much with my art (in my art course) its amazing and inspiring thank you.

Luis Mora said...

Love your Blogg. You have a great taste for art, thank you for share it...