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Dustin Humphrey

After a full decade as one of the world's most prominent surf photographers, he's seen more countries than he cares to list. More notably, he's pioneered explorations to coastlines never before documented in places like Iceland, Egypt and Tanzania. Beyond establishing himself as the sport's foremost travel photographer, Humphrey re-invented the genre by pulling away from the tight, logo-driven action to capture the moods of travel, the aesthetics of adventure and the rich cultural tapestries of the countries he explored.
More recently, Humphrey has been applying his worldly vision and road-tested skills to projects in fashion and commercial genra.
In 2009, his work with Insight Clothing's "Dopamine" campaign won him a "World Photography Award" for "Best Commercial Photography".


Anonymous said...

very cool! i wish there was more written about these pieces though

Anonymous said...

unbelievable! just stunning pictures