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Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert is born in 1976 in Cologne. Actually lives and works in Cologne.

"Those who want to observe the rise of a new star in the heaven of art – if there is one – here is the opportunity." (Frankfurter Rundschau, Newspaper)

From far away they appear as rectangular, white surfaces. Only at a distance of less than two meters do the paper works by Simon Schubert reveal their full three-dimensional plasticity. In a complex process of folding paper the German sculptor creates lines, angles and even circles raised several millimetres. In the play of light they suddenly appear as views of stately homes with coffered ceilings, long corridors, staircases and halls with mirrors. Schubert's sculptures elude any hasty classification as well. Faces vanish behind long, opaque hair. They avoid one’s eyes, regardless from whatever perspective the beholder is approaching.nspiration comes from mundane situations and the desire to change them into something different. A lot of the time its regular things that she come across in her daily life that trigger her to make work; A chair, a favorite blouse, a living room, or simply a person walking by on the street. It is through the reorganization of these subjects within their environment that Matterazzis work takes form.



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