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Meduse Pipes!

This collection is based on traditional glass-making and smithery craftsmanship. Due to the fact they are handcrafted, resulting in each and every piece being original and unique, BRUTE, MIRAGE, MIRAGE GRANDE and NOBLE pipes have the qualities of a piece of art.

Elegant shapes of this production line are inspired by nature, the subtle forms of underwater life.

The size of all these pipes, with heights ranging from 55 to 85 cm, predestines them to be used at home (in a static way). The proportions of the glass body (being the biggest that can possibly be handcrafted) makes it possible to keep perfect visual contact with all the processes taking place inside the pipe. Every model of this collection can be easily turned into an elegant lamp using a simple accessory.

...smoke the green air!

Via : FabrikProject

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