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Jordan Eagles Likes Blood

New York-based artist Jordan Eagles has been doing some pretty interesting things with blood. Specifically, Eagles preserves animal blood on plexiglass and resin with UV coating, like he did for this piece, FK28.
Eagle applies blood to clear and white plexiglass and then permanently preserves the organic material with layers of resin, allowing the high-gloss surfaces to suspend the fluid, organic forms. Often resembling ink blots, the blood’s translucency is revealed in the presence of light.
His new blood paintings will be Eagles’ first solo show on the West coast, opening next week at Wolfe Contemporary Art on February 7th. The new works, many of monumental size, are remarkably breathtaking in person as the blood maintains its rich color and natural texture.
Take a peek at more of Eagles’ bloody work on his website or at Wolfe Contemporary online.

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