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Draga Obradovic


born in cacak, serbia, 1964. In 1984 she moved to florence, Italy, where she graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti with a degree in painting in 1988. She started to work in fashion first as a model and later as a fashion designer for women’s collections. as a designer, she attempts to achieve a union between painting and style. She achieved the ultimate expression of this desire in textile design.

From 1989 to 2005 she freelanced in various studios in london, paris, belgrade, milan and florence. Her designs have been chosen by important fashion designers.

Through the years she has refined her own unique painting technique directly on fabrics, which has allowed her to create a unique collection in which colors, styles and textiles meet, giving birth to a harmonious mix of past and present with amazing effects. At the same time, she does not overlook such technical characteristics as resistance and waterproofing.

This kind of design process naturally lends itself to furniture. In 2006 she designed her first unique furniture collection using pieces from various time periods and styles—an game of endless matching. The pieces can be combined in various ways according to the tastes and needs of varying environments in which different styles and periods find harmony in the uniqueness of the fabric.

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