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For all these years we haven't been longing to anything certain but have been doing our favourite business. _FIRMA has just become our tool to embody our fantasies which are expanding enormously.
100 years means 36 525 days, out of which we have worked hard for only 9 131, and for the rest of the time we quited universities and have been changing our places of living, explored ourselves and the world outside.
100 years means 876 600 hours, out of which we have laughed at others for 59 256 hours and laughed at ourselves for 74 820.
100 years means 52 596 000 minutes, out of which we have spent 20 160 min on building a bar inside our studio, 10 950 min on checking our e-mails and 32 min on writing this text.
100 years means 3 155 760 000 seconds, but life is too damn short to count seconds.
Finally, 100 years equals 25 four times and during this time one of us has had a heir, another has gained a robot alter ego, the third has created his own rock band and the fourth has plunged into the world of luxury.
We have done a lot, and we are enthusiastic about what we have not accomplished yet.
Stay cool and tuned.

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