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Cristiano Siqueira

1. For those people who do not know of you, can you tell us a bit about yourself? (background, education, work, etc)

Ok…My name is Cristiano Siqueira , I’m 25, I was born in 12/12/1979. I live with my wife (Glaucia) in São Paulo - Brazil. My educational background is a “High School Technical Course” of Design (like a medium course) but I learned illustration and design by myself. I started my career working on theatrical scenery (drawing some parts of scenery), after this I went to an Animation studio, working in an Animation Movie as a cleaner. I worked with graphic design since 1999, starting as a trainee in a small studio, working with art books, cd covers, catalogs, visual identity and a little bit of illustration. After this I was work to a bigger studio, working as Art Director for package design, (Toy’s packages) and illustration. Now, I work in my home office, with Illustration as a freelance artist.

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