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+rosebud n°7 - Very Funny!


+rosebud is a design magazine that operates with the desire to explore and exhaust the possibilities and potentials that paper and 2D-structure have to offer. The symbolic name, a derivation from the the last, mysterious word that the newspaper tycoon stammers out in Orson Welles' film classic "Citizen Kane," figuratively indicates that +rosebud is an attempt to explain the puzzle "medium"—keeping Welles' experimental spirit in mind.

With a total of 600 pages this issue is the most voluminous yet – and hopefully also the funniest.
Following in the wake of Dada, Fluxus, satire and the grotesque—VERY FUNNY! presents brainwaves and fallouts from biting to ironic—in words and pictures.

With contributions by internationally renowned artists, designers, photographers, copywriters and illustrators, such as: Paul Graves, Mike Meiré, Joachim Baldauf, Michael Dürr, Erik Kessels, Nicolas Mahler, Harmen de Hoop, Jason Polan, Thomas Mailänder, Vikky Wilkes, Jork Weismann, and many more.

Below some images from VERY FUNNY!

Paul Graves

Klaus Fritsch

Sonja Marterner

Joachim Baldauf

Jose Ramon Gonzales

Danny Aldred

Paul Graves

Silja Götz

Colin Raff

Rosebud VERY FUNNY!: this Downloadarea includes high-resolution images of +rosebud no.7 - VERY FUNNY!

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Rosebud Magazine

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