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Talia Greene

'Coiffed: A Typology of Entropic Variations' by Talia Greene.

Anni Rapinoja

The works of Anni Rapinoja, who has studied geography and botany, are the results of versatile studies, in which the theory and art are combined. Plants and parts of them, droppings of animals etc. are part of the cycle of the nature. In a certain stage of decomposition they transform to basis for new growth, to humus. The growth of forests, swamps and shores speak to the artist, who refers to willow, moose and reed as her workmates. The essence of the workmate has to be visible; the artist feels to be “only” the medium of this view. Sometimes also eco-energy: sun, wind or water is needed to give shape to the work.

Cui Fei

Not Yet Titled
Installation, dimensions variable, thorns, thread, 2009

As a Chinese artist active in the United States, witnessing radical social changes in China and experiencing cultural differences in the United States, I find that my thinking has been permanently altered. In response to a continually changing outside world, I seek the underlying essence of our lives, something that is real and permanent, which cannot be altered by social, political, cultural, or geographic conditions. I see nature as consistent and ordered, thus providing a therapeutic agent for healing and harmony in an otherwise chaotic world. I utilize materials found in nature, such as tendrils, leaves and thorns composing a manuscript symbolizing the voiceless messages in nature that are waiting to be discovered and to be heard.

Small Victories

Paulius Ka

“Small Victories” A Booooooom Project by Jeff Hamada.
Small Victories is a photographic celebration of the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us.
It is these little moments that make life worth living.

Kevin Hunt

Garden Furniture by  Kevin Hunt.
The Garden Furniture project came about through an interest in making sculpture that uses both permanent and ephemeral materials, altering a static piece of furniture by covering it in living, growing grass, the work therefore changed over time, altering itself.


Collection 4.

A collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, Sibling is all for one and one for all.
The three bringing with them a strong heritage of experience with top name designers.
Sibling, the bold, progressive men's knitwear label, launched on May 29th 2008 was born out of a desire to give knitwear for men a kick.

Hope and Glory

Hope & Glory – a Conceptual Circus by Simon Birch.
Hong Kong artist Simon Birch has created Hope and Glory, perhaps the most ambitious multi-media art project ever undertaken in Hong Kong.
The show is non-profit, open to the general public and consists of film, sculpture, installation and sound and is somewhat like a film set, or a theater set. The works are all physically large and the viewers wander through the environment at their own pace.

Until May 30


Haroshi makes his art pieces recycling old used skateboards. 
His creations are born through styles such as wooden mosaic, dots, and pixels; where each element, either cut out in different shapes or kept in their original form, are connected in different styles, and shaven into the form of the final art piece. Haroshi became infatuated with skateboarding in his early teens, and is still a passionate skater at present. He knows thoroughly all the parts of the skateboard deck, such as the shape, concave, truck, and wheels. He often feels attached to trucks with the shaft visible, goes around picking up and collecting broken skateboard parts, and feels reluctant to throw away crashed skateboards. It’s only natural that he began to make art pieces (i.e. recycling) by using skateboards. To Haroshi, his art pieces are equal to his skateboards, and that means they are his life itself. They’re his communication tool with both himself, and the outside world. 

Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende is a sculptor living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He specializes in wall mounted bas-reliefs constructed from found wood. The original color and texture of the wood is utilized to form a sometimes photorealistic mosaic. The realism is further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief.
Van der Ende uses his method to conjure up dark industrial and space age imagery.

Emily Speed

''A sculpture made and worn around Linz, Austria, Inhabitant is about trying to find your own place or identity in a city and the representation of psychological space. The final form was influenced by the time spent in Linz and took on some characteristics of the architecture there. The materials in the work - cardboard, wood and plastics - were all previously discarded and these made fragile, temporary building blocks. Worn, or inhabited, this work sits somewhere between a garment and a sculpture. It is like a shell or façade, in which I, although concealed safely inside, remain vulnerable, without the ability to see and encumbered by my own creation.''

Yasmina Alaoui & Marco Guerra

Artist Yasmina Alaoui and photographer Marco Guerra love to tantalize their audience. In their life-sized photographic series "one thousand and one dreams", statuesque bodies apear frozen in time, covered from head to toe in meticulously detailed, contemporary Arabic Henna patters. Captivated by the realism and sculptural quality of each human form, the viewer becomes lost in an illusion. Each artwork begins with a black and white nude photograph by Guerra. Layers of Alaoui's complex ink drawings are then fused with the portrait, with breathtaking results. Originally from Chile and Morocco respectively, the couple were inspired by the Thousand and ONe Nights - a legendary collection of tales from the Middle east - and the magic surrealism of South American literature.

The Y Project

The Y Project Collection by Petter Hegre.
No two creatures are created equal. We are, each one of us, as different as two sunsets, as unique us our fingerprints.
So it is with the female sex flower. It is as diverse as our very existence. It is life's most vital organ.

Elisabeth Arkhipoff

No Soda: No Fun (2001).
Mixed media installation and paint, dimension variable.