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Colin Christian

''Capsule'', 2010 by Colin Christian, made in fiberglass and silicone.

Fabio Novembre

''S.O.S.'' 2003 

S.O.S. - Sofa Of Solitude
Joinable system of armchair and chaise longue realized from cubic form with structure in lacquered matt black fiberglass and sitting covered with a bielastic stitch spread in polyurethane and PVC, in golden colour.

Fabio Novembre (born in 1966) is an Italian architect and designer. IoNoi is his new blog.
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Terence Koh

The Grayscale Universe of a Post-Media Artist
Written by Maxwell Williams. Photographed by Alexei Hay.

Estelle Hanania

Black Chalk / Sang Bleu.
CHAPTER I - collaboration with Christophe Brunnquell. 2008

Photographer Estelle Hanania is a lyrical storyteller, weaving tender and sometimes perplexing plots into her fashion photo series. Her fashion stories develop beyond the confines of a studio or location shoot by integrating still life and landscape images, creating visual rhythm and narrative complexity. The Paris-based photographer has a background in graphic design, art direction and fine art. She graduated  in 2006 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and, in the same year, won the ‘best photographer’ prize at the highly prestigious Hyeres Festival in Southern France.
Her photography has been exhibited in several galleries in France and her work, both commissioned and personal, has appeared in magazines including Another, Modern Painters, 032c and Capricious.

Andrew Crane

Artist statement
I love the abstract nature of number and letterform when stripped back to their symbolic/energetic origin. For me, numbers as quantitative animals are only useful as they relate to the Whole...or as a way of expressing the infinite...or as a way of tricking the mind out of its addictive nature. My endeavour is to use the convincingly 'real' and familiar language of word and number, in such a way as to point towards a whole new and infinitely more fulfilling reality – one that has of course, been staring me in the face! I like the ideas that these pieces are visual koans*.

* Koan – a paradoxical question to a student for which the answer is demanded, the stress of meditating on the question often being illuminating.
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Uschio Shinohara

Small Box painting, 2008

Ushio Shinohara (1932, Tokyo) is a very popular and important Japanese artist. In the 1960s he was a co-founder of Japan's Neo-Dada-Movement. Shinohara caused a stir for among other things his "Boxing Painting", a sensational mixture of sport and art. In 1969 with a grant from the J.D.Rockefeller III Foundation, Shinohara came to New York where he continues to live today. For his work he employs a variety of motifs including from the world of American comics and superheroes, Japanese icons and Greek mythology. Adhering to the motto "speed, beauty and rhythm", with a primordial chaos of colors and eruptive structures, he creates images and sculptures that are full of energy, imagination and humor.

Fiona Shaw

Bang, 2005

My Discomfort Is Evident But I Am Unsure Of The Cause (Prelude To An Unfinished Narrative), 2010

Fiona Shaw was born in 1983 in Margate, UK.
Lives and works in London, UK

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Baptiste Debombourg

Turbo“, 2008 by Baptiste Debombourg.

Urs Fischer

You (2007)
Urs Fischer was born in 1973 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Lives and works in New York and Zurich.

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David Ancelin

Avis de grand frais (2007).

Sans titre (2008), Teardrop sea (2009) by David Ancelin.
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Hubero Kororo

Hubero Kororo arose in 2005, as a group of three students of design. Thanks to its conceptual activities the group has attained public awareness of its existence, and in 2009 it became a professional studio that offers service and products, which broaden the confines of design by searching for new possibilities.

The studio is led by Jaroslav Juřica, who graduated at the Swedish Lund University School of Industrial Design.

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Siggeir Hafsteinsson

Reykjavik based graphic designer and illustrator Siggeir Hafsteinsson has stayed busy and recently updated both his website and Behance-folio with several new projects.