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Nicole Dextras

Nicole Dextras has been actively engaged as a visual artist since her graduation from the Emily Carr College of Art in 1986. Her previous studies included dance, painting and graphic design at the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson BC.
Her art studio, located on Granville Island in Vancouver BC, is open to the public. She divides her time between her art practice, teaching, casting editions for local artists and volunteering for art organizations such as the BC Book Arts Guild and the Artists and Artisans of Granville Island.

''Based on the concurrent philosophies of early Zen and Greek theories that: “all is flux”, the mercurial aspect of ice conveys the inherent beauty of the ephemeral. Its ability to transform, crystallize and abstract reveals ice as a shape shifter which appears impenetrable one moment and precariously fragile the next.

This new work investigates the dichotomy between nature’s capacity for stability and its capacity for flux, between order and chaos. Ice is imbued with this sense of duality, questioning whether such pairings ultimately exist in symbiosis or in contradiction.''

Belong: An art project under the Burrard St Bridge. Has now been removed by the City. They considered it garbage!


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