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Cathy Daley

Cathy Daley was born in Toronto in 1955.
She studied at the Ontario College of Art from 1973 to 1975 and at Art's Sake Inc. in Toronto from 1979 to 1980.

Artist's Statement

Drawing on persistent cultural images inspired by ballerina tutus, the garb of fairy-tale princesses and Barbie doll couture, my work investigates childhood memories of what it means to be female in Western culture and explores cultural representation of the feminine and the body. The drawings mine contemporary vocabularies of glamour, fashion, popular culture, cartoons, street signage, Hollywood cinema, fairy tales, and mythology, to examine the iconography of the feminine as it exists in the cultural imaginary, personal memory, and fantasy.

I work primarily in the medium of drawing and almost exclusively with black pastel on translucent vellum. This medium with its potential for overwriting offers me the possibility of a spontaneous and direct working process. I use black pastel for its depth and wide range of tonality. The drawings often have an almost sculptural presence as a sense of volume is produced. I also use black pastel because it is an elemental drawing material. Some recent works incorporate collage elements culled from fashion magazines, combining mechanical reproductions with hand drawn gestures. Some of the new work has incorporated colour to explore visceral references to the body.

In addition to drawing, I have also created some sculptural works - “Little Black Dress”, a 17 foot high extravagantly slender cloth gown and “Soft Stiletto” a collapsed oversized vinyl shoe with stiletto heel. Both of these pieces evolved from drawings as did “The Little Black Dress” a video animation produced from hundreds of drawings of black dresses morphing into a variety of forms which references early 50’s style cartoons

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Marie Hélène Sirois \\\ @ Le zèbre bleu

Daryl Banks

Crinoline Flower by Daryl Banks.

Daryl Banks
is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Working in areas such as fashion, advertising and fine art.

Mário Fonseca

Mário Fonseca aka theSIGNer, from Lisbon, Portugal.


"Inspiration is everywhere; outside, in the subway, dance shows, architecture, photography, artistic movements, exhibitions, cinema, and life..."

Akatre was founded by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron. The three of them met as students during their art studies in 2002. After working together as a team for school projects and numerous assignments they quickly understood that they had to work together. The idea of Akatre was already working up in their heads. Since their graduation, they experienced working in studios and companies, such as Philippe Apeloig, Integral Ruedi Baur, Pyramyd Editions, Michel Bouvet and Aer 'studio.
About a year later of freelance work and internships, they had the “entrepreneurship bug” and didn’t want to work for a name, in the style or the way of thinking of somebody else.
 Hence they created "Akatre Atelier".

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Dan Brailey

Corset piercing by Dan Brailey (born in 1987) from Phoenix.

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Love and Hate Tattoo


Silk Elastic mix structured bra and corset briefs with functional zip. Colourways black, cream or caramel mix.
The Bordelle aesthetic offers high fashion, directional pieces that can be worn as under or outerwear. Body conscious lines and a silhouette bandaged by a mix of ribbons, fabrics and trims are the line’s distinctive signature.
Bordelle is a London-based brand that specializes in dramatic, fashion-forward intimate apparel.

Created by London based designer Alex Popa.

Michael Demers

Color Field Paintings (Browser)
by Michael Demers
The color tiles of each painting will be generated randomly, based upon parameters established for each piece.
Each painting will exist for approximately 10 seconds.

Click here to generate the Color Field Paintings.

Hugo Arcier

Hugo Arcier was born in Montpellier, France in 1976.
Actually he lives and works in Paris.

Les 5 siamoises.
feat Marina QUAISSE "Hypnosis theme" video directed by Hugo Arcier.
Hugo Arcier is a director and 3D graphic artist.
LINKS: Hugo Arcier \ Yaschik

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Hugo Arcier \\\

Egor Myznik

Designer: Egor Myznik

An ordinary wall clock always hasten us. It hurries us for walk with dog, reminds that it is time for work, for dinner, for watching serial or going asleep. Soft Clock helps us to reconsider time as a non-stop rush and allows admiring every minute. Soft Clock is rather an incessantly twisting art-object than a proper instrument for time measurement. This futuristic timepiece may be of any form and color.

Soft Clock = Aluminum framework + C-shape hour hand + Glossy flexible PVC filmt.

Yanko Design

Fire Design

Le Fire Design est un concept unique en Europe.
Avec une gamme composée de plusieurs univers,
cet appareil d’extinction est déclinable suivant une grande palette de couleurs
et de motifs pour une personnalisation totale du produit.

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The Letter \

Valerie Hegarty

Valerie Hegarty was born in 1967 in Burlington, VT.
Actually she lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Valerie Hegarty produces work that constructs and deconstructs experience.
She explores the possibility of fabricating and altering objects with historical reference in order to highlight the past's relation to the current American socio-political arena.

CTRL Gallery \ Guild & Greyshkul Gallery \ Saatchi-Gallery

Ellis Gallagher

Ellis Gallagher is a native New Yorker. As a former graffiti writer, his work can be found in New York City and beyond.

Ellis G. lays down a burst of spray paint and then lights it on fire, waits for the flickering wall of flames to die out and then continues.
He explained that beyond the slight ashen effect, he uses the technique to add texture to his work.

Daily Du Jour \ Carmichael Gallery

Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang was born in 1957 in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The son of a historian and painter, Cai was trained in stage design at the Shanghai Drama Institute. His work has, since the outset, been scholarly and often politically charged. He initially began working with gunpowder to foster spontaneity and confront the suppression that he felt from the controlled artistic tradition and social climate in China at the time.

While living in Japan from 1986 to 1995, he explored the properties of gunpowder in his drawings, an inquiry that eventually led to his experimentation with explosives on a massive scale and to the development of his signature explosion events, exemplified in the series Projects for Extraterrestrials.

Cai quickly achieved international prominence during his tenure in Japan, and since 1995, he has lived in New York. His approach draws on a wide variety of symbols, traditions, and materials such as feng shui, Chinese medicine, dragons, roller coasters, kites, boats, computers, live animals, and vending machines.

Today and Tomorrow \ Cai Guo-Qiang

Rosemarie Fiore

Rosemarie Fiore was born in New York State and lives and works in New York City.

''.. My firework drawings are created by containing and controlling firework explosions. I bomb blank sheets of paper with different fireworks including color smoke bombs, jumping jacks, monster balls, fountains, magic whips, spinning carnations, ground blooms, rings of fire, and lasers. As I work, I create imagery by controlling the chaotic nature of the explosions in upside-down containers. When the paper becomes saturated in color, dark and burned, I take it back to my studio and collage blank paper circles onto the image to establish new planes and open up the composition. I then continue to bomb the pieces. These actions are repeated a number of times. The final works contain many layers of collaged explosions and are thick and heavy.

Images and more info can be found at:
The work found in this section was from the recent solo exhibition "Pyrotechnics" Firework Drawings at Priska Juschka Fine Art, 547 West 27th Street NY, NY April 2- May 16, 2009..''

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Rosemarie Fiore \\\