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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a lingerie brand based in the United Kingdom. The company has stores in 13 countries across the globe including cities such as London, New York, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris, Vienna and Berlin. The first shop was opened on London's Broadwick Street in the Soho district in 1994.

Directed by Andy Soup.

See the experiential website edit at the Agent Provocateur website:

Directed by Steve Reeves.


Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Jean-Baptiste Mondino (born Aubervilliers, France in 1949) is a French fashion photographer and music video director.

Mondino \ Lavazza

Jean-Luc Moerman

Jean-Luc Moerman is born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1967.
Presently lives and works there.


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Alterazioni Video

developed with Enrico Sgarbi e Claudia D'Aita

The ‘Incompiuto Siciliano' thus becomes a reflection on the exploitation of the landscape and the new forms of economy that such exploitation can generate. A reflection on the landscape and its resources. All details here .

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Blu fabric 782 x 359 cm.

Alterazioni Video members describe themselves as a platform which combines art with a social and an alternative function of the new electronic media. Culture jammers, neo-situationists and media-activists, the members of Alterazioni Video infiltrate - camouflaged - through the meshes of Society ready to highjack messages and information of the official communication stepping from one medium to another: from street art to web space, from D.J. live sets to physics laboratories, from urban enquiries to the production of community T.V.
Alterazioni Video are: Paololuca Barbieri Marchi, Alberto Caffarelli, Matteo Erenbourg, Andrea Masu and Giacomo Porfiri.

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Evol’s interests have focused on the overlooked and the refuse of urban society, offering visual comments and thoughts that remind us of the failure of modernism and its visions of an architectural utopia. EVOL draws our attention to the collective memory of places, a memory that is open ended, but in it’s decoding always seems to remain strangely personal.

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Banks Violette

Banks Violette is born in 1973 in Ithaca, NY.
Actually lives and works in New York

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Ebon Heath

Ebon Heath is one of the most promising artists of the moment and his take on typography is pure visual poetry.

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Lauris Paulus

Famous for his editorial work, Lauris Paulus has photographed still lives and portraits for numerous international magazines. Simultaneously he has been pursuing his own artistic research, consolidating his vision and developing personal themes. As a result, his work is now exploring three-dimensionality and sound, in addition to the pure photographic medium. Lauris Paulus probes away at the mistakes and limits of his own practice. He questions his perceptions without ever losing the distant and troubling quality of his images. Never satisfied with the result, he is constantly and anxiously reworking an installation or photographic work. On the boundary between sex and fantasy, the result is a body of work which looks at how things develop into being and which shocks the viewer with its tension and persistence.

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