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Boris Hoppek

Boris Hoppek was born in Kreuztal, Germany in 1970. He wanted to study art but wasn‘t accepted at art school. In the early nineties he started to graffiti the streets and his art has continued developing ever since. His first Bimbo doll appeared in 2002 and, thanks to an advert from the german car manufacturer Opel, his audience multiplied incalculably overnight. Bimbo dolls are made by hand from a range of materials; cloth, corduroy, rubber, fake leather, and they represent the social issues of our time.


Fabrik Project

Jean Shin

Jean Shin is best known for her labor-intensive process of transforming exhaustive accumulations of cast-off objects into visually alluring, conceptually rich works. Her sculptures, video and site-specific installations navigate the boundary between abstraction and representation, while considering both formal issues and cultural investigations.

Gabi Trinkaus

Gabi Trinkaus is born 1966 in Graz, lives and works in Vienna.


Galleri Andersson Sandström
Georg Kargl

Zhang Haiying

Zhang Haiying is born in 1972, is an artist based in Songzhuang, China.
Zhang was born in Beijing. He is a painter. His Anti-Vice Campaign series is based on images taken from the internet of women involved in the Chinese government’s crackdown on prostitution and pornography. However, in paintings shown at Art Beijing 2007, Zhang began to move away from the previous socio-political themes present in his work.
He graduated in 1997 from the Fine Arts Department of Shang Dong Academy of Fine Arts.

Travelin with the ghost
Zhang Blog

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge was born in London in 1964. He is the son of Alan Aldridge, an art director who designed Penguin book covers and album art for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cream and the Who. He studied art at the prestigious Saint Martin's School of Art.

Rotimi Fani-Kayodé (1955-1989)

As an African artist whose work engages issues of diaspora and projects multiple subject positions, Rotimi often described himself as an outsider in three distinct ways; within his African family which navigated modern Britain with a traditional spiritual identity, as a gay man in an intolerant black community, and as a black artist in a racist society:

“My identity has been constructed from my own sense of otherness, whether cultural, racial or sexual. The three aspects are not separate within me. Photography is the tool by which I feel most confident in expressing myself. It is photography therefore — Black, African, homosexual photography — which I must use not just as an instrument, but as a weapon if I am to resist attacks on my integrity and, indeed, my existence on my own terms.”

Jean Marc Patras Galerie

Since it was founded in 1987, the gallery has been focused on promoting and developing non-western contemporary art.

Erina Matsui

Matsui (1984) is famous for her provocative self-portraits.
Her complex and in-depth oil paintings depict the infusion of the simplest objects, such as childhood memories, toys, with her own portraits.

En Avant
Yamamoto Gendai

Odani Motohiko

Born 1972 in Kyoto. Best known for his visions of the future premised on "mutation" and "transformation" of the body in sculpture, film and photography.

Yamamoto Gendai

Matt Hoyle

Matt Hoyle is a commercial and fine art photographer based out of New York City.
Matt is known best for his portraits of rich characters and intriguing faces.
Matt's style is described as hyper-real because of the unique "grade" he applies to each image - similar to the post production treatment of a TVC or film. Matt seems to find the perfect balance between injecting a unique look & feel for each subject while still retaining the raw essence of their personality.

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