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Catalina Bartolome

Catalina Bartolome is an argentinean photographer who creates images that depict people in odd and unusual poses or circumstances.
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Alison Brady

Alison Brady born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Alison Brady is an emerging artist that lives and works in New York City.
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Dietmar Busse

Dietmar Busse is a German-born photographer who lives and works in New York City.
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Jorge Mayet

Jorge Mayet is an artist from Cuba. He create small scale sculptural installation which are actually replicas of imaginary trees, plants and other natural objects, only miniaturized. The works are made with electrical wire, paper, acrylics and fabric, which are combined to create realistic qualities.
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Layer by Layer

Layer by Layer is a schooled architect whose interests span from clothing design to painting to electronics.
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Clayton Cubitt

"Clayton Cubitt , (aka "Siege") has his photographic finger stuck in many pots. His highly stylized editorial work has appeared in Surface, Rolling Stone, and The FADER, among other publications. Meanwhile, on the web, he chronicles his personal and professional life in photograph and words on his weblog The Constant Siege. His work is, more often than not, relentlessly sensual, saturated in deep colours, infused with an explicitness that lays its subject as bare as possible. Working within his own philosophy that inspires him to shoot with no holds barred, Cubitt's lens lingers over muses ranging from the mid-coital form of his fiancée in bed with another woman to a dead baby bird set before him.

Studio Orta

Works by Paris based art-duo Lucy & Jorge Orta
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Humans Since 1982

Humans Since 1982: ''Celebrating the cross 1''. Per Emanuelsson & Bastian Bischoff, Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon was born and bred in Manchester in 1982 where he gained a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. During Andy's time at university he learned how photography and sculpture could be applied to illustration and these methods form the basis of his work. Sculpture and photography also provide the foundations for the animations Andy produces. He has gained many clients from the music industry by working in this manner, from both underground and mainstream realm.
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Denis Rouvre

Denis Rouvre was born in 1967. He lives and works in Paris.

Brodie Neil

Considered one of the most promising new designers , Brodie Neil recent works explore a continuos use of forms with configurable materials with his unique fusion of technology and a progressive aesthetic.

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