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Johan Prag

Johan Prag is a Swedish Art Director living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Before coming to Tokyo, he was part of renowned design agency Stockholm Design Lab in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Andrea Giacobbe

Andrea Giacobbe was born and grew up in Florence and has since lived and worked in various countries including the United States, France, and the UK.

Matteo Basilè

Born in 1974 in Roma. Lives and works in Rome.

The Pedestrian Project

The Pedestrian Project consists of several performers wearing entirely black custom-made costumes modeled after the generic images of men, women, and children seen on public signs. Mimicking the lives of everyday people, the roaming sculptural forms inspire the imaginations of onlookers, who often find themselves mesmerized as these familiar icons assume busy lives of their own.
Photo credits: Gabe Kirchheimer

Zhong Biao

Paintings and modern Chinese art by Zhong Biao, a famous contemporary Chinese artist from Mainland China.

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Wes Magyar

Wes Magyar is an extremely interesting and vibrant young artist. Also a Colorado native, Magyar comes from a successful family of painters, although his style and technique vary greatly from his father and brother’s work. Unlike the abstract painters in his family, Wes’ work is purely representational, and almost always centers on a figure.
The role of the figure in his work is very important. He asserts that his paintings are not portraits, but rather representations. He works with actors to convey a specific action or thought that he has generally preconceived. Subsequently, the models themselves are not the subjects of the work. They function as a conduit for telling the story Magyar invented.

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Anish Kapoor

Born: 12 March 1954, Bombay, India
Anish Kapoor studied at Hornsey College of Art, London from 1973 to 1977 and at Chelsea School of Art, London from 1977 to 1978। He went on to teach at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in 1979 and in 1982 was Artist in Residence at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Both painter and sculptor, he uses illusionist properties of colour to give sensuality and ambiguity to his sculptures. He works matter, light, space, using contrasts such as empty-full, male-female, concave-convex, inside-outside, material-immaterial, visible-invisible...This planned ambivalence gives his works, every time more monumental, a quality of mystery and infinity.

Found at Royal Academy

Skull by Jim

The art of Jim is totally absorbed by the skull icon represented throught different material, colour and forms। He realizes complex sculptures highly impressive। A stunning work!

Valerio Carrubba

Valerio Carrubba born in Syracuse in 1975. Currently lives in Milan.
Valerio Carrubba’s paintings sweat blood, bilious humors and organic exhalations. His works are reminiscent of 16th-century anatomical plates, where the struggling hues and the ripped figures seem to be caught between melodrama and melancholy. Some of his works are painted twice, one brushstroke lying on top of the other. This double painting emphasizes the colors and repeats the form in order not to describe them but almost to deny them. It’s about an extreme hyperrealism, where the artist’s gesture is meticulously repeated but not the surrounding reality. (Text by Cecilia Alemani)

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Ana Cardim

Garbage Pin is born of a definitely urban concept, the appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the garbage bin.

Being one of the most common typologies of urban equipment in the cosmopolitan network, the garbage bag belongs without any doubt to the collective imagery, present in every urbanite life’s day as a reflection of a culture involved with the accelerated and growing consumism, as is ours…

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Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert
b. Reno, Nevada 1979
Lives in Brooklyn, NY and now works there.

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Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers makes art ‘where language and value systems become physical.’ From his beginnings as an artist-activist in South Africa he has worked to question and disrupt accepted moral codes, using the high-impact devices of violence, sexuality and fear, and he is alert to the ambiguities of language. Known for such gestures as pissing in Duchamp’s urinal and changing his date of birth to May 1968 (a nod to the French Situationists, and also the date of Marcel Duchamp’s death), Geers uses the context of art history for a much wider mission.

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