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OFT transformable house.

OFT, transformable house.
The name OFT comes from the word Loft, in which it has been taken out the "L", that has to be meant like the dimension "Large". The OFT is in fact of limited dimensions in its basic composition, but, as well as the loft, it is characterized by spaces adaptable to changeable necessities.
The OFT, transformable in time and space, it's a highly changeable system, which can easily comply with individual necessities.
We have imagined a home that would easily allowed to assemble different pieces and to change them during the time. Adding or subtracting elements, also temporarily.
The OFT can be a temporary house waiting for other settlement, an holiday house, an home-office to be placed in your garden, a dépendance for your guests, a home for young people who can gradually increase their living space..

OFT, transformable house.
by Sand & Birch


Fifty ceiling light form an illuminated 'on'. A light installation as keyvisual for the launch of the desres design group.

Desres is a design and consultancy studio and is active in a wide range of projects across a growing variety of media, desres projects feature concept, design, illustration, interactive design, typography, and art direction along with experience film, installation, and moving image. Desres work for corporate, cultural, and private clients as well as for advertising and event agencies.
Desres is Michaela Kessler, Dirk Schrod and friends.
Based in Frankfurt.



69005 LYON

ph : 0033(0)478427210

The Color Baby Blue

Kim Hoeltermand

Arken's architecture unfolds as a narrative.
The recurrent narrative of the museum is the ship. Outside as well as inside, fragments of parts and elements of a ship create a maritme atmosphere. Like on a real ship all construction are visible. Even the few recurring ornaments - the bolt and the nut - have been copied from maritime architecture.
Arken's shape, however, is not that of a complete ship. In fact, it looks more like a ship split open. But placed in the maritime surroundings, the building resembles a ship, standed only few metres from sea.

Kim Hoeltermand OFFICIAL SITE
Kim Hoeltermand on BEHANCE

Maxime Delporte

Maxime Delporte is a french graphic designer living in Bruxelles.
Please visit the complete portfolio. Cool Stuff!!!
Via : FabrikProject


Zecc architekten converted a disused water tower into an amazing minimalist home. Shown is one of the bedrooms up top.
More photo here
Official website here


New work from Decapitator
Renegade artist and head-hunter the Decapitator has been bombarding the streets of London with a signature style of graffiti tag - eerily removing the heads from major adverts around town, replacing them with ghastly, gory stumps. (Before and after images of a gruesomely guillotined model in a print ad, right).
Based on the images uploaded to his/her Flickr stream, "The East London Decapitator" as he/she has been dubbed, is largely striking mainstream advertisements, like this High School

Sean Freeman

Design & illustration by Sean Freeman

Chriss Angliker

Some very cool light fixtures made out of measuring tape, at least you would know exactly how wide your lights are. Designed by industrial designer Chriss Angliker

Daniel Egnéus

Visit Daniel Egnéus
Via : FabrikProject


Since 2003 Formavision has been successfully integrating the work of leading artists and designers with commercial culture. The agency, which counts brands such as Coca- Cola, Sharp and Lexus as clients, now brings its curatorial expertise to the fashion world with projects including creative direction for campaigns, showroom design and fashion presentations.

More here

Rosemarine Fiore

Firework Drawings"
These large works on paper are made by exploding and containing live fireworks, resulting in bursts of saturated color that are overlaped and collaged into abstract compositions.

Recent Firework Drawings

Rosemarine Fiore was born in New York State and lives and works in New York City.

Eugenio Recuenco

Eugenio Recuenco is considered as one of the most creative Spanish fashion photographers. The creative department of many catalogues and agencies defined his style "cinematographic" or "pictorial".

The Plotting Machine

The Plotting Machine

The project has originated from the workshop »Borderline Functionality« given by Jürg Lehni in 2006.

We converted a plotting machine into an output device, that can draw, scratch or cut with almost any traditional drawing technique, in order to achieve aesthetics looking neither drawn by hand nor produced with only a computer. Most interesting and inspiring are all the little mistakes this machine produces, because of too much data, too much water, color, pressure etc. There are always gradients because the color gets less and less as the machine draws on. This expansion space describes the machine's actual identity. No Image looks like the other.
And if you put a camera infront of the machine and take a time exposure it draws with light in the air like Picasso did with his hand.

Jules Julien

Jules Julien, an amazing french illustrator - worthy enough for you to click further and download the .pdf portfolio!


Team: Rob Meek ( ) / Frank Müller ( )
Desription: Meek FM is an interpretation of type as sound. Using new software and the M.E.E.K. typographic synthesizer, the musician/designer develops sounds and typographic visuals in parallel. Meek FM will be premiering as an interactive installation at the Typo2007. The Meek FM team will also perform live at the Festival event

Meduse Pipes!

This collection is based on traditional glass-making and smithery craftsmanship. Due to the fact they are handcrafted, resulting in each and every piece being original and unique, BRUTE, MIRAGE, MIRAGE GRANDE and NOBLE pipes have the qualities of a piece of art.

Elegant shapes of this production line are inspired by nature, the subtle forms of underwater life.

The size of all these pipes, with heights ranging from 55 to 85 cm, predestines them to be used at home (in a static way). The proportions of the glass body (being the biggest that can possibly be handcrafted) makes it possible to keep perfect visual contact with all the processes taking place inside the pipe. Every model of this collection can be easily turned into an elegant lamp using a simple accessory.

...smoke the green air!

Via : FabrikProject

John Grider


Ben Buttler

Ben Buttler on zggallery



Olivier Bourez

Architecte Isai Mons 1988, Associé
Enseignant Isai Mons 1991-1996
Enseignant St Luc Tournai Depuis 1998
Maître De Conférence invité À L’Ucl Depuis 2000

Marc Mawet
Architecte Isae La Cambre 1988, Associe Actif, administrateur Gérant
Enseignant Isacf La Cambre Depuis 1993
Enseignant Esapv Mons 1997-1998

Collaborateurs principaux
Olivier Dubucq, architecte
Daphné Schiettecatte,
architecte d’intérieur

Fondation 1994

Tristan Zimmermann

Tristan Zimmermann (established1979) studied industrial design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since graduation in 2004 Tristan tried for some time to throw himself whole heartedly into an in-house design position at a bio-medical device company, he inevitably found himself day-dreaming of ideas far removed from the field of his employer’s vocation.

These restless distractions resulted in the formation of Science and Sons in 2005, as a side venture for him to sate his own creative musings. Be it Art or Design, Science and Sons has since remained the masthead under which the eccentric miscellany of Tristan’s creative whim is codified into a palatable format.

Tristan currently resides in Toronto, Canada and splits his time between product design work for Cortex Design and Science and Sons.

Sara Haraigue

Look at me is Sara Haraigue, graphic designer based in Paris


This pictures are the ICEHOTEL in village Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. This hotel building is made of ice and snow and includes a church and an ice bar. But if you get cold don't expect to find a fireplace or a heater.
"You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed of snow and ice, on reindeer skins," we read. "You are awakened in the morning with a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside."
This year, the hotel was built with collaborative input from students of Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology. Here is a price list, in Swedish krona, should you want to book a few nights.

Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee ’s unique style is one conceived through watching years of horror movies, writing graffiti, and listening to gangster rap. His work best represents that of avibrant undead circus sideshow. Final pieces are often brought to life by translating random shapes and colors into signs of torment and absurdity. By juxtaposing these two conflicting moods, Alex makes his works more personal to his viewers, forcing them to project their own feelings and emotions onto each character in his twisted universe.

Unto This Last

Unto This Last : Contemporary furniture.

Quick Honey

QuickHoney Illustrations. Peter Stemmler & Nana Rausch. From New York


Lovely typographical experiment.

Visit Plasmosis

John Houshmand

Custom furniture design specializing in handcrafted salvaged, domestic hardwoods. Pieces include dining, side & coffee tables, benches, consoles & more.

Nicolas Ferrando


Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim Zhestkov , 22 years old, is a motion, graphic and toy designer based in Russia. studies: graphic design at ulyanovsk state university. He is interested in universe, infinity, fractals, b/w, space, experiments, motion, architecture, physics, sound.

Matthias Pliessnig

Matthias Pliessnig : great concept. Check his portfolio.

Mass Studies

Mass Studies was founded in 2003 by Minsuk Cho in Seoul, Korea, as an investigation of architecture in the context of market-privileged culture of mass production and intensely over-populated urban condition. Mass Studies explore building materials/techniques, space matrixes and building typologies on a wide range of scales to focus on a vision specific to each project.

Andrezej Dragan

Some people claim that a good portrait will reveal some truth about the model. I'm undoubtedly sad to state that these people will not find anything interesting in my photography which has no such purpose.


Sea Creative


Leandro Erlich

Born in Argentina, Leandro Erlich is an installation artist who describes himself as a Home Depot junkie. His SoHo studio is filled with nails, paint cans, and discarded parts--all mediums for his sculpture, which are environments created to give the sensation of looking into the interiors through key holes. Some of his titles are "The Living Room," and "Elevator." His installation work was part of the Whitney Biennial in 2000, and he is committed to viewer interaction, believing that to be the finishing touch to the work.

Not For Commercial Use

Visit Not For Commercial Use

Vincent Hui

Vincent Hui was born and raised in Hong Kong. He just graudated from Art Center College of Design. He is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Blaine Fontana

Born in Seattle, WA and raised on Bainbridge Is., Blaine began his interest in art at a young age. Always encouraged to use his imagination, he continued to study and practice the arts whenever available, two high schools, community college and later OTIS college of art and design in Los Angeles, CA. Blaine left with a BFA in Communication Art/Design at the top of his class with the “Best in Show” award that is presented upon Graduation in 2002.

During School he worked as an Art Director at a cutting edge design firm (Abound LLC.) and also as a Graphic Designer at a Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine (Metro.Pop). Recently Blaine had worked as an Art Director at a young men’s apparel company (Drifter), but in January of 2003 he decided to leave the 9-5 world and be self-employed as
a fine artist and designer. Since then he hasn’t looked back. Blaine has been doing paintings, installations, licensing, graphics and shows for Lineage Gallery, Upper Playground, FELT racing, The Lab 101 Gallery, Distinction Gallery, Keep A Breast, Ocean Pacific, SCION Installation Art Tour, TOYOTA, KID ROBOT, NIKE, & Scribble Theory Gallery. These are just a handful of the extensive list of clients Blaine has done work for. His time is spent working on his "Urban-Organic Contemporary Surrealism" paintings for shows and private commission's. He also manages his design studio with creative partner and fiance, Eugenie Jolivett, creating branding packages, catalogs, web design, home furnishing products and interior design soliutions. He is represented in numerous galleries across the United States.

Currently Blaine works on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA USA .

Ben Tour


Matthieu Bessudo


Jennifer Maestre

You can see more of Jennifer's work here.

Draga Obradovic


born in cacak, serbia, 1964. In 1984 she moved to florence, Italy, where she graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti with a degree in painting in 1988. She started to work in fashion first as a model and later as a fashion designer for women’s collections. as a designer, she attempts to achieve a union between painting and style. She achieved the ultimate expression of this desire in textile design.

From 1989 to 2005 she freelanced in various studios in london, paris, belgrade, milan and florence. Her designs have been chosen by important fashion designers.

Through the years she has refined her own unique painting technique directly on fabrics, which has allowed her to create a unique collection in which colors, styles and textiles meet, giving birth to a harmonious mix of past and present with amazing effects. At the same time, she does not overlook such technical characteristics as resistance and waterproofing.

This kind of design process naturally lends itself to furniture. In 2006 she designed her first unique furniture collection using pieces from various time periods and styles—an game of endless matching. The pieces can be combined in various ways according to the tastes and needs of varying environments in which different styles and periods find harmony in the uniqueness of the fabric.

Christophe Gilbert

Christophe Gilbert Photographer

Jan Sochor

Jan Sochor

Freelance photographer & webdesigner, born in Czech Republic, changing his base between South America and Europe.